Generation X and Y

We combine the experience and expertise of the Generation X with the consciousness and creativity of the Generation Y in a new consulting approach. We believe that the combination of these qualities produce entirely new and very effective solutions. We combine the best of both worlds in a new "Consulting Category". We are a hybrid consultancy.

Generation X Consulting quality

Our consultants of Generation X speak the language of decision makers in companies. Through many years of professional experience as consultants and business leaders, they take on the role of professional experts, method specialists, proven project managers and assure the consulting quality at all stages. They understand the decision-making processes, scorecards and policies in many companies. They make sure that vision and creative ideas turn into practice and are transformed into reality. More than 15 years of consulting and management experience gives to our customers an extensive skills set.

This distinguishes us from student consulting firms that do not integrate experienced management consultants.

Generation Y Consulting Quality

Our consultants from Generation Y understand the needs of the target group that you want to approach as an employer or consumer brand, because they are part of this target group. This means that our Generation Y consultants do not believe, but know what the best solution is. They have a clear view of the right approach and enrich the consultation process with a new open-minded way of thinking, unlimited creativity and unconventional reflection. With Generation Y consultants at eye level, we use the full improvement potential of this young target group and guarantee a high level of credibility and acceptance of the consulting results.

This sets us apart from traditional consulting firms where the students are used primarily for analysis and as a chart producer in the back office.

Experienced management consultants of the Generation X are the contact persons of the decision makers at top management level in companies. They know how companies work and contribute with many years of experience and broad expertise in consulting projects. Creative young consultants of the Generation Y speak the language of the target group, because they are a part of it. They are the creative “germ cells” in the consulting project and assure the credibility and acceptation of the consultation results in the Generation Y.
Consulting projects are always performed in hybrid teams of Gen X and Y consultants. So we combine all the strengths perfectly and ensure maximum impact. In market research, we also choose a hybrid approach. Our strategic partner facit research uses a hybrid team of X and Y market researchers. All market research activities are tested by focus groups of the Generation Y in advance.
We practice what we preach: Just as we advise you as a company, we have successfully built our company from the start. Many years of consulting and management experience combined with strong business expertise alone would not have met the target. Only through intensive cooperation and by understanding the new way of thinking as well as the values of Generation Y we were enabled to place this entirely new consulting category in the market.
„I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.”
Elon Musk

We measure ourselves
by our results.
Our service promise.

We develop the most effective access for companies to valuable customers and to the employees of tomorrow, because we are most familiar with this target group, reach them directly through various channels and involve them intensively in consulting solutions.

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