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For our consulting projects we are always looking for talents and makers who want to change what exists and create new things. We are not looking for streamlined careerists and narcissistic egomaniacs, but creative thinkers, technically competent, designers and empathic personalities.

wen wir suchen

We are looking for creative young consultants on a project basis. Make the future with an innovation and specialized focus on the work and world.
We seek professional senior consultants on a project basis who want to change the work and consumer world of tomorrow, using their distinctive expertise and many years of working experience while working together with Generation Y.
Consulting is not for you, but you are looking for an employer that provides meaning to your work and who helps you to fully develop yourself? Show us what you've got and what characterizes you as a young talent.
Maybe you want to offer us something entirely different? We are looking forward to it!

What makes you a
Generation Y consultant

We are looking for reflected consultancy personality. Consultants that know who they are and what they are able to do. They also know which ability they lack and what their weaknesses are. You are going to develop ideas and concepts for the future and question yourself if you really believe in these recommendations and findings. The best results to be delivered are your own demands. You know what drives and pushes you. You can exactly evaluate, what affects the “pulse of time” because this pulse beats inside of you. No one else knows the right solution as good as you do. After all, you are a part of Generation Y.
You feel the need for a change in yourself and are an authentic representative of your generation. On one side, you are going to work in teams with young students and experienced consultants to develop concepts in an extremely honest and creative surrounding. Therefore an entirely open, but respectful approach is important to us. On the other side you are also going to interact with CEOs, human resource managers and marketing executives, a level where you need to present yourself professionally and act confident without pretending.
You trust your skills to make courageous decisions. We develop innovative concepts for the work and consumer world of tomorrow; therefore, we need an unaltered view upon possible solutions from Generation Y consultants. An essential factor of success for our consultancy is that you fully engage yourself in the team solution and still have the courage to openly speak up about uneasy topics. We not only have to think “out-of-the-box”, we need to forget about boxes. You need to try it, you need to have the courage to go new ways and still be aware that you are taking responsibilities for the future with your decisions.

10 things we expect from you.
10 things we offer to you.

10 things we expect from you:
  1. Have experienced the feeling of success and failure
  2. You know what you want and what you don’t want
  3. Critical self-reflection
  4. High level of independence and organisational skills
  5. Distinct structural ability
  6. Professionalism and focus
  7. Imagination and creativity
  8. Empathy and sensitivity
  9. Strive for change and creativity
  10. Courage coupled with reason
10 things we offer you:
  1. Highly interesting consulting projects
  2. Broad development scope
  3. Maximum radius of action
  4. Real challenges
  5. Personal development
  6. Respect based on an equal level
  7. Unrestricted fun while working
  8. People that want to create the future with you
  9. The best job of your life
  10. Significance paired with success

How we work

We value both generations as equal within the project. We do not exploit interns; instead we let them participate as full consultants. We do not let them stagnate in the office as cheap labour, while they create tons of PowerPoint presentations.

Together we create meaningful things.

The journey with us works by having lots of fun doing what we do and empowering each other’s creativity in order to outperform ourselves. Not only through overtime.

We would like to support you to access your full potential. Therefore we give you the opportunity to open up and prove yourself. Without fear, without pressure, without psychopaths making your life miserable. We want to see you at full strength.

Here, we don’t want you to feel like “going to work”. Your time at Consulting Cum Laude should be an exciting part of your life, in which you dedicate yourself with like-minded people in order to create magnificent things. We would like you to have fun while working, so that you do not realize that you are actually at work. In the evening you shouldn’t be tired and raddled, but rather satisfied and happy.

Apply now and create a better work and consumer world

Finally, we want to get to know you. Take your time. Be creative. Show us who you are and what you are good at doing. Convince us in 3 steps:


Tell us your story
Who are you, where are you from, what do you do, what are you good at and what motivates you? Show us, why you are the right consultancy character for us. Impress or excite us with your personality and your skills.


Show us that you understand who we are
You have already seen which services we offer, what distinguishes us from others, how we do things and what style we follow. Give us your feedback, what this means to you and why you fit in.


Teach us something
Everybody is good at something, show us where you shine. Whether it is about playing the piano or furniture design. Teach us about what you love.

The layout of your application is up to you. Use your own way to fascinate us. It may be a Twitter feed, video, presentation, document, flyer or info graphics…

maximise your impact!