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How do you successfully
reach young target groups ...

…as an Employer Brand?

Are you not able to reach your target group as an employer? Do you have trouble finding qualified young talents for your business? Is the average age of your workforce growing year after year? Does your business suffer from high fluctuation, especially among younger employees?

…as a Consumer Brand?

Do you lack future product and service ideas? Do you have problems inspiring young customers about your products? Do you spend a lot of money on marketing, but the sales figures do not agree? Are you looking for direct and credible access to Generation Y?

We can help you. With maximum impact. Because we integrate the specific target group, which is difficult to reach, as consultants. Solutions from the target group for the target group. At eye level, credible and effective.
„battle for
„battle for

research & insights

  • Analysis and optimization of the employer image
  • Analysis of the overall (product / service) brand strategy
  • Analysis and evaluation of employer marketing as-is-status
  • Optimization and profiling of the employer brand identity and strategy
  • Development of integrated multi-channel HRmarketing concepts
  • Optimization of recruitment campaigns with a focus on digital and social marketing

  • Analysis and optimization of all recruitment processes from initial contact to the first working day
  • Targeted search for qualified student talents and young professionals based on job requirements and qualification profiles across all available Generation Y sourcing channels:
    • THE FIZZ student residences in Germany
    • Other leading student housing operators in Europe
    • Universities in Germany and Europe
    • Digital platforms and social networks (within Germany as well as Europe and worldwide) with Social Listening & Engagement Tools
  • Qualification, pre-selection and evaluation of the most appropriate profiles
  • Development of tailor-made "New Joiner" programs for employee retention in the first employment year

  • Analysis of the existing corporate culture (mission, values, leadership and employee culture) and identification of areas for improvement from the perspective of Generation Y consultants
  • Optimization of an effective corporate culture that attracts the Generation Y and integrates existing generations to improve sustainable business performance
  • 360° Analysis and Optimization:
    • Corporate identity
      • Location quality, planting, outdoor recreation areas
      • Building appearance, quality of architecture, furnishing and equipment
      • Work and meeting areas, canteen and social community facilities
        (e.g. lounges, child care, fitness, sports etc.)
    • Organizational structures and processes
    • Job conditions for young professionals
      • Training and on-boarding phase (100 days program)
      • Range of tasks and responsibility, development opportunities
      • Flexible working models
      • Media equipment and use
      • Services & amenities
    • Feedback and assessment systems (e.g. employee & management assessment, evaluation processes and criteria, feedback and assessment frequency, feedback and criticism culture)
    • Motivation, remuneration and bonus system
    • Decision-making processes (e.g. room for manoeuvre, committee culture, meeting and coordination intensity, speed of decision making, internal entrepreneurship)
  • Individual leadership coaching and training pertaining to goal oriented and reasonable dealing with Generation Y
  • Conflict management with a focus on most effective integration of all generations in the company (Baby Boomer, X, Y)

  • Strategies and concepts for business diversification options
  • Creative workshops and idea treatments for long-term corporate and product development
  • Development of innovative product and service ideas from the target group for the target group (peer-to-peer)
  • Involvement of students in early stages of the product development process to ensure high acceptance and credibility
  • Student Test Labs: Extensive test and use of product and service innovations with direct incorporation of the company relevant target groups as consultants

  • Analysis and optimization of the brand image from the perspective of the young target group
  • Analysis of the existing marketing strategy and brand communication across all channels
  • Strategic development of the brand profile
  • Optimization of brand identity
  • Development of integrated multi-channel communications concepts
  • Optimization of conquest and loyalty campaigns with focus on digital and social marketing
  • CRM & Social CRM strategies
  • Intensive involvement of young target groups in market research activities
  • Increase of credibility and acceptance of product and service brands in the Generation Y

  • Development of direct sales campaigns across all our exclusive Gen Y channels:
    • THE FIZZ student residences in Germany
    • Other leading student house operators in Europe
    • Universities in Germany and Europe
    • Digital platforms and social networks (within Germany as well as Europe and worldwide) with Social Listening & Engagement Tools
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Brand Staging / Live Marketing
  • Special benefits / Special Offers
  • Sponsoring
  • Brand Games

  • Performance of extensive market analyses throughout the generation Y while focusing on employer branding and consumer marketing
  • Employer brand image valuations
  • Generation Y panels
  • Individual market and ad hoc analyses, depending on tasks
  • Performance of student labs (diaries, online discussions and chats)
  • Focus groups and creative workshops
  • Social media analyses

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Insights and learnings

Generation Y - a European phenomenon. Results of a European comparative study in Germany, UK, Spain and the Netherlands.

Download Management Summary, Generation Y study 2014

Download PDF (2,3 MB)
„Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal, transformative success is.”
Seth Godin

Our exclusive customer status

Partner cum laude is a customized and long-term cooperation partnership program for companies that are in search for a successful and sustainable access to young employees and customers.
If you want to be advised not only in individual projects, but want to benefit from our services and direct access to the Generation Y at all levels permanently, then the Partner cum laude program is the right choice.
Wherever you put your priorities, we will work with you in our hybrid teams from Generation X & Y Consultants for the right solution.

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