Our vision is to create systems in which all generations cooperate with maximum appreciation and impact.


Consulting Cum Laude is an innovative and value-driven management consultancy that creates effective and sustainable connections to Generation Y for employer & consumer brands. For these valuable employees and customers of tomorrow we open up new knowledge-based market opportunities and implement reasonable solutions with high target group acceptance.

Value System

We live our values. Without this system of values, we would be one of many consultancy companies. And there are enough of them. We believe that we differentiate through these values and that they are the basis for our high quality advice. These values guide us and provide you as the customer with a sense of how we "tick" and what kind of advice you can expect.

We want to achieve impact, with everything we do. That’s what drives us.

Maximum impact on the attractiveness and desirability of companies as employer brands to secure long-term competitiveness. Maximum impact on the performance and satisfaction of all employees. As well as the credibility, acceptance and the sales success of brand offerings among young customers. However, the desire alone to achieve those effects is not sufficient. It needs more: our values.

We are passionate management consultants. Passion for us means to be successful, to try, not to be swayed, to repeatedly get back up, to achieve targets together, to keep our word and to go new ways. We fight for the best possible solution, we’re totally committed with our body and soul and we establish long-term positive relationships through our personality and competence.

Mutual respect is the basis for cooperation. Cooperation is a necessary condition for positive impact. It requires courage, willingness to change and the belief that the best results are only obtained by a complete and appreciative cooperation of all generations within the company. That means to engage with each other in mutual respect, to recognize the qualities of each generation and to combine those in the value chain of companies.

We want to inspire through our consultancy and show what will be possible in the future and what already is. We want to set examples and go further than others think is even possible. We dive into the customer’s world of business, including our valuable external perspective. With us, you will get double insight for your challenges: X and Y. This generates ideas and potential solutions that previously were not possible.

The excellence of our consulting services provides creative solutions with maximum usability. Through systematically developed consulting results, we achieve the greatest impact. While we strive to generate maximum change, we must meet the highest of quality standards.

We question the existing status quo, because innovative solutions are not caused by parallelism, analogousness and consensus. They are caused by versatility, difference and diversity. In order to develop the best and most innovative solutions of tomorrow, we exploit all possibilities and consider all variations without exception.


New and increasingly complex challenges demand new ways of thinking and action as well as a new consulting approach. That’s what we stand for. We pursue a hybrid approach to consulting because we see that the conventional consulting practices are expensive and do not always meet the expected targets. This also means that we operate differently than traditional consultancies. We have only one goal: to take new unconventional ways to achieve maximum impact.

We are unorthodox

We are concert pianists and punks

We are human not machines

We produce feasible solutions and not only charts

We don’t waste time, because life is too short

We combine brain, heart and handicraft

We are systematic and radically creative

We question everything intensively

We maximize sense and impact

No dress code