β€žAny fool can know.
The point is to understand.β€œ
Albert Einstein


We are the closest to the target group, because Generation Y is in our genes. We have incorporated dialogue and research for the deepest understanding of the younger generation in our setup. The combination of many years of consulting experience and the new way of thinking of Generation Y provides you with high quality and innovative solutions for future challenges.
Fast and immediate access to over 100,000 students in Europe. Our exclusive channels: THE FIZZ student residences (core business of our parent company, International Campus AG), international student accommodation operators, universities and associations in Germany and abroad as well as all student-related digital platforms and social networks via social marketing tools.

Your benefits:
  1. Reduction of waste circulation
  2. Increase of marketing efficiency
  3. Quick, complete & effective target group feedback
Experienced management consultants work together with motivated students and qualified young professionals as a team and create a completely new consulting quality. The principle: "Generation X meets Generation Y". Experience meets creativity. Consulting expertise connects with free thinking and gets a fresh look at new solutions. With this we ensure maximum effective and credible solutions - developed by the target group for the target group (peer-to-peer principle).

Your benefits:
  1. Increased credibility and acceptance within the target group
  2. Increase of offer relevance within the target group
  3. Immediate positive business impact

We validate and legitimize our consulting services based on an extensive international knowledge base of the target group of 17 to 32 year olds (school graduates, students, young professionals).

This "Knowledge Base" is permanently updated and further developed in cooperation with the market research company Facit, as well as with international focus groups managed directly by our Generation Y representatives. We also maintain research collaborations within our international network of universities.

Depending on the objectives and challenges, we integrate the suitable university from our cooperation network, in order to incorporate the latest scientific findings and knowledge in our consulting projects.

In addition, we intensively and regularly analyse information about Generation Y within digital platforms and social networks.

Your benefits:
  1. Better understanding of target group
  2. Increased reliability and security in planning and decision-making processes
  3. Updated and realistic research results as a reliable basis of decision making

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